We are an innovative Communication HUB.

Five brands, each working with each other, not one for another.
We have individual identities but a common goal:
integrating creative projects with narrative formats.
This is what makes us enthusiasts.

This is what we do every day.

This is Ideal.

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Ideal is not what you are looking for,
It is the communication agency that you wouldn’t expect.
It’s not a team of creatives,
but a hub of multi-disciplinary talents from every field.
With us you won’t play the game
you’ll change its rules.

Latest projects

In the midst of chaos, we’ve seized opportunity.
Outnow is proudly born in 2020 and has a brutally simple offer: digital, social, media.
We lead the digital transformation process within the group and provide solid digital knowledge and a partnering approach with our clients.
The digital transformation Agency

Latest projects

LiveZone is the place where events take form and become unforgettable experiences.
It is fluid, vibrant, innovative.
A place where nothing exists in playback, and you can zone out the everyday to live the extraordinary.

Latest projects

brandstories is a team of storytellers that offers new ways of telling all the stories that a brand contains.
From the brand and for the brand, they develop brand storytelling and branded entertainment projects by using an editorial approach.
Because everyone needs to tell stories, but only a few make a difference when they do.
You brand, we tell

Latest projects

Idealist - The Podcast

The first podcast series signed by the integrated communications group This is Ideal, explores and narrates the big changes that are happening within some of today's most dynamic industries.

Idealist - The podcast

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